Activities and Sport

For sports enthusiasts and those who love culture and gastronomy

Agriturismo Il Poggio and the surrounding area offer many recreational activities for an unforgettable holiday in Tuscany.

Fishing and Water Sports

Lake Montedoglio, the biggest in Tuscany, is an artificial body of water that can be traveled by canoe, sailboat, or rowing boat. It is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts and represents, both in terms of landscape and environment, one of the dominant elements of the valley, guardian of an animal heritage and otherwise endangered plant.

The dam, located about 30 km from the sources of the Tiber, was built between 1977 and 1993 for irrigation and drinking water, and blocks the confluence of the Singerna river with the Tiber downstream.

Today in the lake can be found many species of fish: perch, pike, catfish, chub, bleak, perch, sunfish, largemouth bass, and trouts from the river Tiber. For pike fishing, Montedoglio is one of the most interesting itineraries in central Italy. In addition, the alluvial sands are a paradise for bird watchers.
Access to Montedoglio waters is possible only by canoe, sailing and rowing boats. Motor boats are prohibited to maintain the water as clean as possible.
Just a fishing license and, given the variety of fish present, you can fish all year round

Trekking and Mountain Bike

The area of the Upper Tiber Valley is well-traveled by bicycle, on horseback, or simply by foot. Its paths lead to old villages or panoramic views of enchanting beauty.

Starting directly from our farm, you can follow itineraries in the woods that offer wonderful views of the lake. The routes are suitable for both trekking and mountain bike lovers.

The Franciscan route that starts from the Sanctuary of La Verna and reaches Assisi, is of strong spiritual tourist attraction and every year is traveled by hundreds of pilgrims and lovers of slow tourism.

Horseback Riding

It is possible to organize horseback riding and attend courses at the riding stables in the area.


A.G.E.T. – Associazione Guide Equestri della Toscana
Pieve Santo Stefano, Loc. Villalba 108 – 52036 Pieve Santo Stefano (AR) – tel: +39.0575797394
Mrs Lorna: cell: +39.333 4007493


Campo da golf 9 buche
Caldese, Città di Castello (15 min). Vocabolo Caldese di Celle, Lerch8i, Città di Castello (PG) – +39 075 8510197

Campo da golf 18 buche
S. Giovanni del Pantano – Umbertide (PG) +39 075 5842008


Sito Ufficiale Tennis Anghiari
Via Martiri della Libbia 52031 Anghiari Arezzo – +39 0575 788135
Strada Provinciale 43 direzione Arezzo
1 campo in terra battuta (l’unico della vallata) – 1 campo in erba sintetica per calcetto e tennis

Valtiberina Tennis – Circolo Palapiccini 5, V. Saragat – 52037 Sansepolcro (AR)
tel: +39 0575 734022, +39 392 0745655, +39 393 9546676
2 circoli tennis al coperto e uno all’aperto presso Acquapark Le Piscine

Canoa e Windsurf

The waters of Montedoglio Lake are the ideal place for canoeing and windsurfing lovers.
The most popular area is the one under the village of Madonnuccia, where the coast descends to the lake with a slight slope, giving the possibility to easily access the shore both on foot and by boats.

It is forbidden to swim throughout the lake and it is not possible to access the water with motor boats.

Food and Wine

The originality of the local food of Valtiberina can be discovered in a wide range of flavors and traditions, that create simple dishes prepared according to ancient recipes.

Homemade pasta (ravioli, agnellotti, bringoli, panzanella, ribollita, pappa col pomodoro, bruschetta).

Excellent and famous wines, cheeses, meats, mushrooms, truffles and finally, our Cantucci (almond cookies) combined with traditional Vinsanto.

Characteristics of the Villa

10 guests

7 beds

swimming pool


parking area

wood oven/barbecue

4 bathrooms


washing machine

pets allowed

nature trails

welcome basket